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The Culture Fit

At Heavy Water we are very interested in understanding the diverse and unique cultures that exist inside of our client and partner companies. It's very rare to meet a company who's culture doesn't have room for improvement, but culture can be the hardest problem to solve. We believe that it's also one of the most valuable problems to solve, which is why it underscores everything we do. We don't just want to solve problems, we want to effect cultural change.

This is what we think the 'DevOps' movement is all about. It's not just a buzzword, it's a cultural shift. It's not a new team that you need to setup between your siloed development and operations teams, it's a theme that your company should adopt as part of its core culture. It's also not a passing trend, but an inevitable eventuality that can't be ignored.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
Peter Drucker

The People

Heavy Water traces its roots back to 2006, when Darrin Eden founded Heavy Water Software in Vancouver, British Columbia as an operations consultancy team of one. When he relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2012, he re-founded the company under the name Heavy Water Operations, with a small team of experts at his side.

Our people shape and define our philosophy and drive our process by applying their engineering talent to solve operations automation challenges and the leveraging technologies to help make companies better, stronger, faster.

The Roster

Chris Roberts


Caleb Hailey


Sean Porter


Molly Shelton


Michael F. Weinberg, MS

Director of Operations

Aaron Baer


Anthony Goddard


Cameron Johnston


Justin Kolberg


The Alumni

Darrin Eden


Sean Escriva


Fletcher Nichol


We're not always hiring, but we're always recruiting, so please introduce yourself. We'll be glad to meet you.

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