OH "We should start a blog"
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OH "We should start a blog"

by Caleb Hailey | Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Welcome to the new Heavy Water Operations blog!

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If you’ve ever been a part of a small team (like ours) you have most likely experienced that thing that happens to good ideas that don’t get immediate traction - they have a way of dying on the vine. That’s essentially been the status of our blog until now; we agreed we should start one, we even worked on it a little bit, but we never finished it and the /blog branch of our website repository started collecting dust. Since no one has been more guilty of saying We should start a blog than myself, I decided I should be responsible to dust it off and publish it to the world. So consider this our obligatory Hello world! post.

We definitely have some interesting (technical and opinionated) posts in the works, so please don’t just this book by it’s cover. My hope is now that the mere existence of the blog is no longer a blocking issue the interesting content might have a chance to see the light of day.

Would you like to leave a comment or start a discussion with us? We’re not currently planning on hosting comments here, so hit us up on Twitter or IRC (#heavywater on Freenode) if you have something to say.

Thanks for stopping by.