Sean Porter, DevOps Day Tokyo 2013
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Sean Porter, DevOps Day Tokyo 2013

by Aaron Baer | Monday, September 23, 2013

This week Sean Porter travels to Japan to speak about Sensu at Tokyo’s DevOps Day 2013. Aside from being an incredible opportunity for Sean, and a great moment to spread the word about #monitoringlove, this trip returns Sean to a source of inspiration for Sensu.

I asked Sean what he plans for his first few days in Tokyo. Sean says, I hope to spend time during the first few days exposing myself to Japanese culture and getting familiar again with the environment that surrounds people every day. Getting used to speaking with a translator—my first time—and immersing myself in the food, architecture and life.

Sean found inspiration for Sensu during a two month adventure to Japan in 2011. While there he observed objects in every day life—the use of bamboo in the construction of buildings and the creation of beautiful art, the simplicity and elegance of a cup of Green Tea—these things reminded him of the basic foundation of the Unix tool set. Each tool does something specific very well and combines with other tools to create a complex system built on the strength of many smaller elegant parts.

Sean designed Sensu to have the flexibility of bamboo along with the strength it provides when used in the creation of a larger structure. Sensu, which means Folding Fan, is a monitoring framework and like a fan it can be deployed folded up nice and neatly to serve a small solution or scaled and expanded as needed to create a cool breeze of data coming from all of your systems.

Sean feels like the shift in tooling that Sensu brings to system monitoring has not made it to Japan and he hopes to bring this word back to the place that inspired that shift in him. He says, We had a shift in tooling in North America and the UK with the monitoring sucks and then monitoring love memes but I don’t think it has made the same impact in Japan yet. These need to play out now and I hope to start that with my talks this week.

Sean travels to Japan representing Sensu and Heavy Water Operations, however, his trip is sponsored by Naotaka Hotta on invitation from the organizers of Devops Days. Sean will also evangelize monitoring and Sensu at Yahoo in Japan and looks forward to hearing more about the pains of scaling across large deployments. He is excited to begin exploring the city and drinking Sake and is honored to take part in Tokyo DevOps Days 2013.