Graphite cookbook hits 1.0!
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Graphite cookbook hits 1.0!

by Cameron Johnston | Thursday, August 28, 2014

TL;DR: The new 1.0 release of the graphite cookbook contains significant changes which will break existing graphite cookbook usage. Please pin your wrapper cookbooks, environments, etc. to a pre-1.0 version of this cookbook.

Late last night our esteemed colleague Sean Escriva released version 1.0.0 of the popular Graphite cookbook. The changes it contains represent an overhauled code base; most everything happening under the hood has been updated to a more data-driven, library cookbook implementation, at the cost of backward compatibility.

Where previous versions of the cookbook have used attribute-driven templates to write graphite configurations, this new release provides library code for more flexible writing of configuration files. This should eliminate the need to change this cookbook when you are modifying your Graphite configuration, enabling you to move forward faster.

These and other changes included in the 1.0 release have been percolating for some time now; we’ve used the code underlying this release to successfully deploy and manage new graphite installations for a number of our customers. The new release also includes an example cookbook with recipes that both illustrate the use of new features and provide code coverage for the cookbook’s KitchenCI test suites.

We expect these changes will make managing Graphite instances with Chef much more flexible, at the cost of backward compatibility.

If you are a user of the Graphite cookbook, we’re asking two things of you:

  • review your own environments, wrapper cookbooks and other implementations, pinning the version of the graphite cookbook to a pre-1.0 release wherever it makes sense

  • kick the tires and give us some feedback on this release

The previous cookbook code has been kept around on the a ‘legacy’ branch for those interested, but it should be considered unmaintained.

So much has been said regarding the need for greater cookbook reusability and testing that we hope these are now foregone conclusions for the majority of the community. However, bringing that knowledge to bear on a reasonably mature project can be a major undertaking. Your assistance in identifying and resolving problems with this release is appreciated!

With love,

your Heavy Water Operators