What to expect from AutomaCon 2015 (Part 1)
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What to expect from AutomaCon 2015 (Part 1)

by Caleb Hailey | Friday, July 31, 2015

TL;DR: Hello fellow operators! If you haven’t heard by now, Heavy Water is organizing a new conference to scratch an itch we’ve had for quite some time. We’re calling it AutomaCon, and it is our goal to gather the leading minds and practitioners in the DevOps community together for an interchange of ideas about the future of infrastructure as code and continuous provisioning. We hope you’ll join us!

Continue reading to learn what makes AutomaCon unique, why you don’t want to miss out on our compelling lineup of presenters, and how we plan to provide an authentic Portland experience for our attendees.

If you haven’t already, please register for AutomaCon today & join the conversation. If you’re still not convinced, please continue reading…

What Makes AutomaCon Unique?

At Heavy Water we’re no different than any other experienced development team - we have preferences, opinions, and - even though we might not like to admit it - biases about the tools we choose to work with, and perhaps more importantly: how and when they should be used. Although there are conferences dedicated to most of our favorite tools (e.g. Chef Conf, Chef Summit, PuppetConf, HashiConf, etc), and for problem domains we’re passionate about (e.g. Monitorama, DevOpsDays), we’ve never really found an event that was designed to discuss our craft as a whole.

AutomaCon aims to create a discussion around both the patterns and practices of infrastructure as code and continuous provisioning and how they are applied in real-world scenarios. How do we combine DevOps practices and tooling to improve how we deliver software & infrastructure alongside one another? What is made possible - and what challenges arise - when infrastructure itself is fully abstracted as code? If we’re successful, we’ll come away from the first annual AutomaCon with a more comprehensive understanding of what Infrastructure as Code means for the future of our industry.

A Compelling Lineup of Presenters

We were thrilled to announce back in May that we had secured commitments from some of the leading minds in the DevOps community. Keynote presentations from Luke Kanies (Founder/CEO at Puppet Labs), and Adam Jacob (Founder/CTO at Chef), will be joined by talks from Mark Imbriaco (Founder/CEO at Operable), James Turnbull (VP of Engineering at Kickstarter), Kelsey Hightower (Product Manager, Developer and Chief Advocate at CoreOS), Bethany Erskine (Senior Operations Engineer @ Paperless Post), James Fryman (Senior Devops Engineer at StackStorm), and more! Since then, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the AutomaCon CFP and we’re very proud of the complete lineup of presentations, which we posted earlier this month.

Check out the full lineup of presentations for AutomaCon 2015.

An Authentic Portland Experience

We always knew that if Heavy Water was going to organize an industry event, we would have to do it our way. So we’re very excited to announce some special treats we have arranged to ensure that all AutomaCon attendees will get to enjoy an authentic Portland experience. Check out a few highlights:

  • Three of the most famous Portland food-carts will be lined up outside the event space to provide lunch for all attendees for the first two days of the event (follow us on Twitter).

  • All AutomaCon attendees are invited to an exclusive after-hours opening of the Portland Art Museum exhibitor space to enjoy the current exhibits on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM!

  • No Portland experience would be complete without enjoying tastes of some local micro-breweries, so what better way to end the first annual AutomaCon event than with a beer garden?! The AutomaCon after party will feature three local micro breweries (and Hot Lips Soda) pouring local delights with a complement of catered treats in the Evan H. Roberts Sculpture Mall (an outdoor event space on the Portland Art Museum property)!

But wait, there’s more…

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post: AutomaCon Day 3: Workshops & Lightning Talks, Oh My! wherein we’ll provide details about the recent addition of a third day of activities, and announce a new CFP for lightning talks! So if you missed out on the original CFP, there will be more opportunities to participate.

Happy Friday, good friends.