Cloud Computing & DevOps Consulting

It’s not a passing trend — public, private, and hybrid cloud computing is the new standard, and it’s here to stay. But this shift has brought new challenges. Leveraging the full potential of the cloud with cost savings and automated scaling takes organization-wide collaboration, a strategy often referred to as “DevOps”. Heavy Water is an expert in cloud infrastructure and application architecture. We’ve helped organizations of every size successfully navigate this intersection of development, operations, security, and compliance without slowing forward progress. We’ve mastered the safety, durability, accessibility, and usability of revolutionary cloud-based software, and we’ll work with your company to make it work for you.

There is no future in which there are fewer servers
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Configuration Management & Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure facilitates business; the more it’s developed and consumed, the faster a business grows. For early-stage companies, infrastructure represents a means to an end. As companies mature, requirements are refined and infrastructure becomes a competitive advantage even where it’s not a core competency. Heavy Water is an industry leader in helping companies leverage cutting-edge, “infrastructure-as-code” technologies and best practices to convert business logic into fully automated infrastructure. We help companies develop processes to increase efficiencies.

Software Delivery & Continuous Provisioning

The recipe for success in today’s business world isn’t a secret: get better, faster. In terms of software delivery, that’s meant adopting traditional practices such as Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). These methodologies can greatly improve the safety and speed with which value can be delivered to customers. But when complex changes emerge surrounding software and infrastructure, CI/CD workflows and tooling alone are insufficient. Heavy Water is at the forefront of the infrastructure delivery practice Continuous Provisioning. With it, fully automated deployment and delivery of applications and infrastructure become a reality.

Software is eating the world.
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Monitoring & Telemetry

Everything measured improves. As the original authors and maintainers of Sensu, with years of experience designing and composing custom monitoring and telemetry (data measurement) solutions for a wide variety of organizations, Heavy Water is uniquely qualified to help give your business the insight it deserves. Without telemetry, a business can’t determine how well it’s performing. Lack of visibility into performance can mean the difference between success and failure. Determining what to measure varies by individual company, and we can help you find the right focus and quantifiable criteria.

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